The Windfarm

Wigton Windfarm Limited operates Jamaica’s largest wind energy generating facility, a 62.7 MW wind farm complex located in Rose Hill, Manchester. The wind farm is currently comprised of three plants.

Phase I

Phase I is the company’s original 20.7 MW generating facility which was commissioned in 2004. The plant consists of twenty three 900 kW rated NEG_Micon NM 52/900 wind turbines; situated over a 4.3 km area which is elevated at 750m. The turbines have a hub height of 49 m with a rotor diameter of 52.2m and the site mean wind speed is 8.3 m/s.

It generates an average of 52,000,000 kWh of electricity annually for the grid, which reduces the country’s demand for oil by more than 30,000 barrels per year.

Phase II

Phase II is an 18 MW expansion of the initial wind farm development at Rose Hill. To maximize the wind energy potential of the land, an expansion design was developed which allowed for nine 2 MW Vestas V80 wind turbines to be microsited on the property. The turbines have a hub height of 67 m and 80 m rotor diameter.

The plant supplies an average of 54,000,000 kWh of electricity to the grid each year, reducing oil consumption by more than 30,000 barrels annually. The energy generated provides power to approximately 24,000 homes.

Phase III

The 24 MW plant was commissioned in June 2016. The projected annual output is 63,072 kWh, which will provide power for more than 31,500 homes and decrease national oil demand by over 37,100 barrels per year.

Wind energy technology experts, Gamesa, carried out the installation, testing and commissioning of 12 G80-2.0 MW wind turbines on lands near to the existing wind farm. The expansion has brought Wigton’s total capacity to 62.7 MW, retaining its position as the largest wind energy facility in Jamaica and the English-speaking Caribbean