Wigton Windfarm Limited

Wigton Windfarm Limited is a green energy company which installs and/or provides clean and renewable energy solutions including wind, solar and hydro.

The Company was incorporated by the Government of Jamaica in April, 2000 and following divestment by way of an initial public offering was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in May, 2019.

The Company operates one of the largest wind farms in the English-speaking Caribbean, a 62.7MW facility in Rose Hill, Manchester.

Notwithstanding current operations being anchored in wind energy generation, the Company is cognizant of the impact of other areas of renewables and in line with its business diversification plan, has been aggressively making forays into non-traditional areas to seek to diversify its revenue streams.

62.7MW facility in Rose Hill, Manchester

Year of Installation
Number of Wind Turbines

Wigton I

20.7 MW



Wigton II

18 MW



Wigton III

24 MW



Corporate Statement


We contribute to energy independence and the improved environment of the countries in which we operate while delivering long term shareholder value.

Vision 2035

We are a profitable, regional conglomerate with successful clean energy and other investments.

Core Values


Wigton is transparent, accountable and committed to always acting in the best interest of its stakeholders, to include its shareholders and employees.

Respect and Teamwork

Wigton strongly believes that as a team the Company achieves more. As a team we drive positive behaviours and demonstrate respect for each other.


Wigton, its Directors and team members demonstrate sound moral/ethical principles which are the foundation on which the Company engenders responsible action as well as strong relationships and trust.

Safety First

Wigton firmly believes that a successful company must have an excellent safety programme and record. At Wigton, safety is paramount and integral in day-to-day activities.

Environmentally Responsible

Wigton maintains a 100% clean energy wind energy generation facility. All operations of the Company seek to preserve the environment and alleviate the effects of climate change. Wigton’s current wind energy generation also accounts for a reduction in the use of fossil fuels by more than 100,000 barrels of oil per year and avoids emittance of more than 120,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Milestones & Achievements


Ground is broken for Wigton Phase III and Wigton Renewable Energy Resource Center is expanded with grant from British High Commission


Wigton Phase III is commissioned with a 24 MW capacity

May 2019

Successfully listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange

June 2020

First Declaration of Dividend


Second Declaration of Dividends


Wigton issued twenty(20)-year Generation Licence by the Minster with responsibility for Energy in respect of Wigton Phase I


Wigton successfully restated its bonds resulting in savings in the finance expense of the Company.


Third Declaration of Dividends