Thematic Hub For The Caribbean

Since 2020, Wigton Windfarm in its role as the regional Wind Thematic Hub (a joint venture with the Caribbean Centre of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, [CCREEE]), has set various targets to assist the CARICOM region to realize its renewable energy targets and Unconditional National Determined Contribution (UNDCs) emissions reductions. As such, Wigton was contracted to execute a deliverable pertaining to a capacity building webinar for a training manual for wind resource assessment.


Targeting all CARICOM states but the first 5 member states participating in the Integrated Resource and Resilience Plans (IRRP) process (Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Belize)


Provide member states with tools necessary to obtain the Empirical Data for realistic 5-10-year plans to be included in the IRRPs


Provide best practices for wind resource assessments, how measured data can be used to model more general wind atlas, difference in data quality for programme planning versus actual site implementation