At Wigton Windfarm Limited’s Annual General Meeting on October 21, 2020 some of the questions submitted by shareholders were not answered due to time constrains. The Company’s leadership made a commitment to provide answers to any remaining questions after the meeting. Please see below answers to the outstanding questions.

Will Wigton look more towards cogeneration or expanding the use of the land (where the wind farm is located) for other renewable energy projects?

Yes, Wigton has explored other modes of energy generation. However, as it regards the existing lands, the mining plans of the bauxite companies has curtailed solar installation, but the company continues to seek out other energy projects and sites.

Will Wigton look to engage in joint ventures or other partners when entering other Caribbean countries?

In expanding its commercial operations Wigton will evaluate all viable options available and determine the appropriate financial and operational structure for each project or venture.

Will Wigton invest in equities, bonds and other liquid assets to take advantage of the current market downturn?

At this juncture, all options are on the table. As projects are identified, the appropriate financial instrument will be applied.

We have been fortunate so far not to have a catastrophe like hurricane. Have we been sufficiently insured?

Wigton’s operating plants are adequately insured.

With the demand for more energy, taking into consideration the residential demand due to home schooling and work, Is Wigton somewhat resilient in this pandemic?

Yes, Wigton sells energy as available so the Company is not curtailed in any way.

Can Wigton, with shareholder approval, create a program that does household renewable installations, and the household pays monthly and the funds can be used to repay and give interest to shareholders?

Wigton does not currently provide energy solutions for individual households. Should a viable opportunity emerge in this line of business in the future then it will be given due consideration.