At Wigton Windfarm Limited’s Annual General Meeting on January 12, 2022 some of the questions submitted by shareholders were not answered due to time constrains. The Company’s leadership made a commitment to provide answers to any remaining questions after the meeting. Please see below answers to the outstanding questions.

Has Wigton explored requesting that the Accountant General’s share ownership be removed, and the shareholding limit be revised from 10% to possibly 50%?

Yes, Wigton has explored the removal/change of the shareholding limit of ten percent (10%) and continues to do so. Nevertheless, the Special Share held by the Accountant General of Jamaica and the shareholding limitation as per the Company’s Articles of Incorporation will cease to have effect after May, 2024.

Why does MJE own more than the 10% shareholder cap?

While Mayberry Jamaican Equities Limited had point one percent (0.1%) shares in excess of the ten percent (10%) shareholding limit, Wigton has addressed the matter and there is currently no shareholding that exceeds the limit.

Why was Wigton Phase II's rate cut with the Jamaica Public Services Company Limited (JPS) and why was this not mentioned in the Company's prospectus when it was listed in 2019?

The prospectus was prepared and issued by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, the sole shareholder of Wigton prior to Wigton being listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.