Wigton Windfarm Limited (WIG) – Changes To Organization Chart

Wigton Windfarm Limited (Wigton or the Company) wishes to advise the Jamaica Stock Exchange that on August 9, 2023, the Board of Directors, in an effort to restructure the operations for greater alignment with the strategic direction of the company approved changes in its organizational structure which will become effective September 1, 2023.

Three managers of Wigton have been promoted to the following positions, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Energy and Legal Officer and Company Secretary.  A new position has also been added to organizational chart of Business Development and Innovative Manager.

The Chief Financial Officer will be filled by Mrs. Shaun Treasure, Wigton’s current Finance Manager and Company Secretary,

The Head of Energy will be filled by Ms. Michelle Chin Lenn, Wigton’s current Project Manager; and

The Legal Officer and Company Secretary will be filled by Ms. Shaneek Clacken, Wigton’s current Corporate Services Manager and Assistant Company Secretary.

All other Executive functions will remain the same.